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Thank you for visiting the website about our family name VACQUIER.

The family name Vacquier comes from France, but how does this name come with associated families
now in the Netherlands? I try to answer this question.


The oldest data I have of the Vacquier family are those of Charle(s) Vaquier, born in

Bouchavesnes in France in on January 10, 1795 and died in the Dutch East Indies (Sumedang)

on September 23, 1853. At that time, the name Vacquier was still written in different ways

such as Vaquier Vaquie and Vaquié.

Charles Vaquie is listed in the Almanac and Name Register of the Dutch East Indies of 1852.

First name with "s" last name without "c" and without "r"

Charles Vaquié . is listed in the name list of European inhabitants of the Dutch East Indies 1868

from Krawang Preanger Regentschappen just as written as at the embarkation of his father.

Charle Vaquier left the Netherlands on August 4, 1821 via Harderwijk (registered) and via Hellevoet

Hellevoetsluis (sailed out). He arrived on 7 January 1822 after 5 months sailing in Batavia, Dutch East Indies.


The origin of the Vacquier family probably lies in a small town in the Pyrenees en Camurac in France.

This was an assumption because I was told through a French teacher that many families Vacquier

lived and lived. (Given the many names Vacquier in the cemetery in Camurac).

Incidentally, my father Karel Vacquier (1921-1998) I buried in Camurac himself after he was cremated in Kerkrade (NL).


I used this data until 2019 until it became known that the Vacquier family originated from

Bouchavesnes in France.

If you find it interesting, you might be able to contribute to perfecting this website.

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Note 1 - Charles Vacquier (1795-1853) had several children by 4 women.
Note 2 - In fact, the next generation is already half brother and/or half sister.
Note 3.  Alexander Vacquier (author 1952) and Frans Jager (1956) have the same great-grandmother: Biah

Women born with the name Vacquier, who are/were married, can be found under their husband's surname.
You can find it by clicking on a link below.

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