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Many of Vacquier's ancestors were not born in a place or village, but within the confines of a plantation,
such as Ardjasari , located 10 km southeast of Bandoeng (Preanger Regencies).
The name of the plantation can therefore be stated on the birth certificate as the place of birth.

The plantations at a glance:

1. Ardjasari - Tea Plantation

Pieces concerning "Ardja Sari"

1901-1954 1 folder

2350. Copy of Deed, Bandoeng, May 15, 1901, No.19, foundation of NV "Plantage Ardjasari",

past before notary EH Carpentier Alting.

2351. Articles of Association of NV Plantage Ardja Sari, in Bandoeng, established in the Algemeene

Meeting of Shareholders, June 21, 1907, approved by Resolution GG NI, Oct. 14, 1907,

No.14. Modified… 1918.

2352. Proof of Share, large f. 1,000,-, No.289 of NV Plantage Ardjasari established in

bandung. "Established by act on the 15th of May 1901 under No.19 for the TV Notaris EH

Carpentier Alting in Bandoeng past, as amended by deed, July 31st

dav under No.34 before said tv Notary passed, on which the consent of

It was granted to the Governor-General by decree of 13th August 1901 No.27".

Awarded to AN van Santen, Bandoeng, Nov 1, 1901. Signed by The Director,

A.E. Kerkhoven. Transferred to JLA van Santen-Hagnauer, The Hague, 2 Febr.

Article found on the internet ( )
concerning the founding, but will have existed much earlier, because David Vacquier is
born there in 1870.


2. Djagernaek or Djagernaik - Coffee Plantation.


Certainly already existed in 1858, see Birth certificate Fredeika Emma Esche 28-09-1858.
Birthplace also of Alexander Vacquier on 09-11-1888.


3. Tjoemboeloeit - Tea Company at Bandoeng .
See report about this plantation with this wonderful name.

Froland (Enorie) Vacquier was a 24-year-old overseer in this tea establishment.

Hereby a link to the site of Hedwich de Vries about living in Bandoeng, in it is

the district and the eponymous tea plantation called Tjoemboeloeit.






Sometimes the place of birth is not the city but the residence, as in the case of

Charles Vacquier , the first male Vacquier born in the Dutch East Indies in the Kedoe residence .



Also to mention:  alphabetiche list of words and meanings.

Take a look at Kina, 100 grams of seed was bought in Bolivia in 1865, here the entire kina culture on Java and Sumatra originated.


Preanger Regencies (Parahyangan) see:

The most famous residence for the Vacquier family is Preanger Regentschappen, the area around the capital Bandoeng.

This residence again consists of regencies, Bandoeng, West Bandung (Bandung Barat) Subang
(southern part), Garut (northern part), Purwakarta and Sumedang.

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